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        As the first joint venture for Epi foundry business in China, Simgui has established a world class epitaxial facility, serving the emerging East Asia foundry market in Epitaxy for Discrete, Si BiCMOS Devices, Si Bipolar Devices, Si CMOS Devices, Si on Insulator (SOI) and Si Power Devices.
        Furthermore,Simgui also gains strength from its oversea partner, Moore Technologies and the acknowledged specialists team in epitaxial line at home and abroad. Now, Simgui's business quickly expands to the whole world. We are ready to design competitive Epi solutions for current and future applications for our customers.

Simgui can help fill your epitaxial requirements:

  • Epitaxy for Discrete, Si BiCMOS Devices, Si Bipolar Devices,IGBT double EPI, Si CMOS Devices, Si Power Devices and Si on Insulator (SOI)
  • Wafer diameters available:100,125,150 & 200 mm
  • Above 400 thousands pieces for monthly capacity
  • Capacity up to 100 K/month for 6 inch wafer
  • Class 10 cleanroom environment
  • Reactors used:
    MT7700K barrel reactor with expansion kits
    MT7811K barrel reactor with expansion kits
    LEP2061& 3061 Reactors                                                          
    RF Pancake reactor
    Single wafer reactor
  • Customized Specifications
  • Pre & past water cleaning available
Simgui----Your Best Choice for Epi Service

        we deeply believe in that our success depend on the quick response to the constantly markets changing environment.

  • The stable and flexible foundry ability
    Simgui puts the customer needs first. On-time delivery is the must in Simgui's targets board. Simgui also understands the need for flexibility. Whether the demand is large or small, Simgui can shape itself to meet the customers' needs.
  • The most advanced facilities
    All the equipments used by Simgui is absolutely the most advanced, imported from the top suppliers in US and Japan.That ensures Simgui`s wafers meet or even exceed the industry's standard.
  • The most stringent quality assurance
    Simgui Epi wafers are guaranteed to meet the international semiconductor standard,and satisfy the demands of today`s mainstream IC fabrication lines. Every single product, process and facility is constantly monitored with the advanced Q/A technology and a perfect statistical control (SPC)system.
  • The most comprehensive service
    Simgui views comprehensive pre and after-sales service as the core part of our customers' promise. The company`s highly qualified personnel will work effectively and creatively with the customers from an early stage towards completion of a joint development project (JDP)
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Simgui gains the strength from its US-based parter, More Technologies,the acknowledged specialist in epitaxial technology. Simgui is benefiting from close collaboration with such leading substrate suppliers at home and abroad as Forrotec, Gritek and etc. Combing the effective, stable supply channels and its powerful, flexible processing ablility, Simgui has distinguished itself among its domestic and oversea competitors.
Address: 200 Xinlai Road, Jiading District Shanghai 201815, PRC Tel: +86-21-6952 2599 Fax: +86-21-6952 2221