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Item Characteristics Maximum Limit Test Method
1 Dopant P,P+:Boron N,N+:Phosphorus, Arsine
2 Orientation <100>,<111>
3 Resistivity P,N:10-1 ~ 102ohm.cm ASTM F723
4 Resistivity Variation <=±5% For 6'
5 Resistivity Uniformity <=±3% For 6'
6 Layer Thickness 1 to 100 Micrometer ASTM F95, F110
7 Thickness Variation <=±5% For 6'
8 Resistivity Uniformity <=±3% For 6'
9 Stacking Faults 10/cm2 ASTM F1810
10 Slip 5 lines, total length not toexceed semidiameter ASTM F1725 F1726
11 Haze NONE ASTM F523
12 Scratches NONE ASTM F523
13 Craters, Orange Peel, Cracks, Crow's Feet NONE ASTM F523
14 Edge Chips NONE ASTM F523
15 Edge Crown Projection above wafer surface not to exceed 1/3 of Epi layer thickness To be defined
16 Foreign Matter NONE ASTM F523
17 Back Surface Contamination NONE ASTM F523
18 Point defects SEMI Standard ASTM F523

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Simgui adopts four processes: SIMOX, BONDING, SIMBOND, and SSS, and uses advanced equipment to prepare SOI materials to ensure that wafers can meet international semiconductor standards and meet the requirements of mainstream IC production lines in the world today. Relying on strong and continuous technical support, integrating the good cost-effectiveness of domestically produced substrates and the advantages of strong and flexible processing capabilities, we provide professional epitaxial services to customers.
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