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One of Simgui's confidence that it can deliver a world-class product comes from the quality of its equipment.

All the equipment used by Simgui is absolutely the most advanced available, imported from the top suppliers in the US and Japan. Simgui's oxygen ion implanter, for example, is from leading supplier US-based lbis Technology. Simgui's ultra-pure water meets the requirement for device manufacture at very deep sub-micrometer (VDSM) level.Furthermore, Simgui's wafers are produced in a clean room of Class 10, which guarantees that there are no more than 10 particles of 0.5 micrometers in size per cubic foot of air.

MRL Furance (退火炉) EVG 850 (键合机)

Implanter (注入机) CMP PolishingMachine (CMP抛光机)

 Grinding Machine (研磨机) SP1
Simgui gains the strength from its US-based parter, More Technologies,the acknowledged specialist in epitaxial technology. Simgui is benefiting from close collaboration with such leading substrate suppliers at home and abroad as Forrotec, Gritek and etc. Combing the effective, stable supply channels and its powerful, flexible processing ablility, Simgui has distinguished itself among its domestic and oversea competitors.
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