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        In Simgui, we use the Trichlorosilane (3N7)& Dichlorosilane(2N7) as the main silicon sources. The dopants are mainly three types: Diborane (50PPM4NB2H6/6NH2), Phosphine(50/100PPM5NPH3/6NH2) and Arsine according to customer's requirements. All special gases, the Hcl-5N,Hydrogen-6N5 are from the leading suppliers in the world.

Epi Process

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 Epitaxy on Different Substrates

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Simgui gains the strength from its US-based parter, More Technologies,the acknowledged specialist in epitaxial technology. Simgui is benefiting from close collaboration with such leading substrate suppliers at home and abroad as Forrotec, Gritek and etc. Combing the effective, stable supply channels and its powerful, flexible processing ablility, Simgui has distinguished itself among its domestic and oversea competitors.
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