Press Release – NSIG – July 6, 2017


The National Silicon Industry Group (NSIG) retains Nabeel Gareeb former CEO of MEMC, to establish materials eco-system

上海硅产业集团聘请MEMC前首席执行官Nabeel Gareeb,建设材料生态系统


NSIG, the officially sanctioned materials group in China, announced that they have retained Mr. Nabeel Gareeb, former CEO of MEMC Electronic Materials Inc., to help them establish a materials eco-system to support the growth of the semiconductor industry in China.

作为中国一家得到政府支持的材料集团,NSIG宣布已聘请美国MEMC电子材料公司前首席执行官Nabeel Gareeb先生,以致力于建设材料生态体系,支持中国半导体产业的成长。

Stated Dr. Xi Wang, Chairman of NSIG – “It is an honor for us to be able to obtain Mr. Gareeb’s assistance to create a more integrated supply chain in China, especially in the materials arena.  Although NSIG is only 18 months old, we are confident that with Mr. Gareeb’s guidance and leadership we will be able to establish a significant presence in China and on the world stage in a short period of time”.


Stated Mr. Kai Ren, Vice Chairman of NSIG, and Vice President of Investments at Sino IC Capital – “We are pleased to have Mr. Gareeb lead NSIG’s evolution in supporting the materials ecosystem for China.  We continue to be very supportive of NSIG’s exclusive mission, and look forward to acceleration of the work that has been started”.


Stated Mr. Gareeb – “After several years of private work, I have decided to re-engage in the public sphere to again help create enterprises that can eventually be self-funding.  Based on the customer demand, employee talent, and early institutional funding, I believe NSIG is well positioned to grow and support the burgeoning Semiconductor industry on the mainland, and I am excited to be able to assist in its evolution.  As an example, NSIG started by focusing on the wafer part of the materials eco-system, and is currently funding the installation of several hundred thousand wafers per month of 300mm wafering capacity, placing it in a unique position during a period where the industry capacity is anticipated to be fully utilized.  This capacity is starting its production ramp, and may grow to one million 300mm wafers per month to support local and global demand”.  


For further information contact:


Dr. Wei Li, EVP, Administration and Investor Relations, NSIG

Phone: +86-13816396826,   Email: wli@sh-nsig.com


电话:+86-13816396826Email: wli@sh-nsig.com

NSIG was formed in December, 2015, and is headquartered in Shanghai. It is a shareholder of Okmetic (200mm and smaller diameter wafers), Simgui and Soitec (SOI substrates), and Zing Semiconductor (300mm diameter wafers).   NSIG counts Sino IC Capital and Guosheng Capital as its largest shareholders.


Mr. Nabeel Gareeb was formerly the CEO of MEMC Electronic Materials, Inc., a semiconductor and solar wafer manufacturer.  Prior to MEMC, Mr. Gareeb was the COO of International Rectifier Corporation, a power semiconductor device manufacturer.

Nabeel Gareeb先生是MEMC电子材料公司(半导体和太阳能硅片制造商)的前首席执行官。在任职MEMC之前,Gareeb先生是国际整流器公司(半导体功率器件公司)的首席运营官。

新傲科技采用SIMOX,BONDING,SIMBOND和Smart-Cut四种方法,利用从美国和日本知名设备制造 商进口的先进设备来制备SOI材料, 以确保新傲圆片能够达到国际半导体标准, 并能够满足当今世界主流IC生产线的要求。 依靠美国MT公司强大而持续的技术支持,整合国产化衬底片良好的性价比以及以及新傲自身强大而灵活的加工能力优势,新傲向客户提供专业化得外延服务。
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